Saturday, December 17, 2011

The contingency plan of SMRT? So simple; juz one word : Nothing.

The contingency plan of SMRT? So simple; juz one word : Nothing.

Fri Dec 16, 2011
As a good pessimist to the crowded trains here, I am always worry about these crowded trains. Yesterday proof is one of my worries I had foreseen last few years ago. I would like to repeat some of so-called apologies of the CEO of MRT. Frankly, her apology is so lame. She did mention this kind of thing cannot be foresee or predict. I would like to ask are you sure about it.

Do you know how many problems in your East-West Line? How many times the train shakes more than normal between Bedok to Boonlay? Do you even notice one of old trains in East-West Line's floor is unbalanced? I believe you CEO should take your trains three times a day at least, especially in rush hours. I believe you also didn't know the fact that your MRT station staffs' pronunciations are too lousy to understand. Especially for the important announcement, they are not suited. There is no proper message on the board as well. As you admitted, the staff put the wrong warning message last night. It is so shameful and unprofessional. In other words, that can be the regular ways of your MRT department is running all along.

One of you in the press conference mentioned there is the emergency light. I wonder did you mention the firefly? Or the light from the phone can be assumed as the emergency light? Actually, there is no light at all. Nothing. No proper ventilation system and thus, it leads two female commuters a breathing problem and one is fainted. As we always see on the sign-board in our neighborhood, "Low crime is no crime", similarly, low problems didn't mean no problem. This kind of train fault is very dangerous if there is no proper contingency plan. 45 min to go out from the cars is not acceptable. Since there is a new yellow line in this year, it goes deeper from the ground level, we are now no confidence of riding yellow line. If the train stops abruptly in nowhere we cannot imagine and the oxygen is not enough, what should we do? Though we break open the door, there will be no oxygen or there can be even a worse scenario of breathing unwanted, dangerous gases. Do you think you are not responsible for this kinds of accidents?

Before extension of the new line, we'd preferred to make sure old lines are still in good shape for all residents to use them in safe and can ride with peace of mind. You spoke your team is working over night for three nights. I am thank you for it. But, this short term firefighting solution will not solve the overall root cause lying behind. Probably, this can be the tip of the iceberg!

The word "Commuters " also can be changed to "Survivors" if the problem is more than the power shortage. This case cannot be said just the first time and it is neglectable. This is serious enough for a CEO or topmost personnel to be demoted or to resign for her own dignity. It is better resigning than keep apologizing every now an then. Besides, this can be the easiest way for your successor to understand the important of the safety.

Last 3.9years ago, I always got wow! experience when I took trains. There were only two places where the trains shakes a bit between Jurong East and Eunos for the green line. Nowadays, there are seven to eight places that can shake you down or wake you up if you felt asleep on trains. I read an article that said the government is planning to buy 35 more trains in coming years. But, now we all know not only new trains are needed, but also good railways, or regularly maintained railways are essential.

Please try to be a good leader who knows the following creative abandonment by Drucker . The another term of CEO, (Chief Embezzlement Officer) often misuses the people's trust on him/her by doing improper planning that he/she must have to prepare, yet taking the biggest portion of the organization's profit is his/her only job and giving lame excuse when the time of real action required is actually an evil person for the society. Those who have 0% knowledge of emergency planning shouldn't be seen in that level. Role and responsibilities must come hand in hand. The organization hired the best one as the CEO not for giving excuses to the public but for the excellent planning she/he can do for the organization and branding of the organization. By 2011 statistics, there are 2.246 millions of MRT rider daily.

Creative Abandonment

A critical question for leaders is, "When do you stop pouring resources into things that have achieved their purpose?" The most dangerous traps for a leader are those near-successes where everybody says that if you just give it another big push it will go over the top. One tries it once. One tries it twice. One tries it a third time. But, by then it should be obvious this will be very hard to do. So, I always advise my friend Rick Warren, "Don't tell me what you're doing, Rick. Tell me what you stopped doing."

Sat Dec 17, 2011

Yesterday night, in the news, the Transport Minister said : SMRT must make this right. Does this suggestion/pointer work? Hell no, today it happened again. OMG. You, clowns are so funny. It is too easy to say make it right or make it damn right or whatever right, but the underlying cause is that how to make it right? We have 150% doubt in SMRT committee and lost confidence in them. I am not sure the replacement of more professionals to this quicksand-like problems as these problems will be effective as well but it will definitely lead to the betterment. Prevention always is better than putting issues under the carpet. Currently, no one knows when did these problems start silently. All we feel now is that there are some issues in MRT system and they cannot be seen or solved by the current team.

People's belief or confidence cannot be restored so easily. If something happened, it is difficult to put back to the status quo. This event makes me remember the flyer that stopped suddenly and there was no proper emergency plan last few years. For this case , at last, the firemen came down and rescued the people on it. I remembered some needed to climb down using the ropes as well. The main difference between the flyer and the SMRT is that we can avoid the flyer if we wish but we cannot avoid SMRT since it is part of our daily life, daily routine.

Now, it's the time for all-rounded checking and full maintenance for MRT railways. Time for replacement of the faulty parts.

It goes without saying, a better CEO too!

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Peace B with U.