Wednesday, November 30, 2011


dreams ...inside dreams...
sometimes two-layer, sometimes three.
I often dreamed multilayered dreams now and then
Outside of a dream also can be inside of another dream.
The dream we love can be bounded by another dream we hate.
Life is like a series of dreams woven nicely or sadly.
We don't know what is the reality. To simplify the statement, we cannot differentiate what is the reality in the dream and what will be outside these dreams. Will there be a big dream that can swallow up the big reality we believed in? Living seriously in the dreams make us dreamers. Dreamers never rethink about the reality again. Realities in dreams also are virtualities in deed. We cannot avoid these kinds of dreams and dream-related pains.

We are happy when we escaped from a bad dream. Actually, the bad dream is a piece of a reality, although we feel safe inside the dreams, may be hypothetically.

Do we really want to escape from dreams though they are the best places for us to be relaxed and peaceful. Parallel realities are around us. Gigantic Dreams are evolved day after day to make us safe as we wish. The best dream can be our aim. Realities are not that important to the dreamers.

Waking up from series of dreams makes me think I am still inside a big dream.
This is my problem.
Indecisive, confused ....
but ....
still in peace as a dreamer.


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quite long huh?
duh quite long really.. :P

Peace B with U.